Cake Molding Machine

Cake Molding Machine

Product Details

The SLDS-600 cake making machine produced by the cake maker can be used for many purposes, mainly for biscuits, cakes and other products. Cookies can be cut into thin slices with a wire cutting device, and can also be used to produce unique peculiar pastries and cookies. Cakes can be filled in large quantities or continuously. The servo motor is controlled by a computer program and uses photoelectric tracking. High extrusion accuracy.

Production capacity
450-900 trays / hour
power 1.8kw
Machine weight 450kg
Dimensions 1400x1090x1450mm


There are roughly two types of butter on the cake, vegetable butter and animal butter. Plant cream has a relatively hard texture and bright white color. It will produce low-density fat after consumption, which is an important cause of obesity. The color of animal cream is milky white. Although the taste is natural and fragrant, it is better to eat less, so as not to gain weight or cause cholesterol to rise. No matter which kind of cream has the disadvantage of high fat and high fever, so in principle, it is impossible to eat cream without gaining weight.