Cake grouting machine

Cake grouting machine

Product Details

Hefei Sanle Cake Machine -Cake Injection Machine

product description:

Uses: Widely used in sandwich, Swiss roll, steamed cake series grouting, using arc roller to inject sponge cake slurry with lighter specific gravity, using gear roll to focus on oil cake slurry.

Advantages: with lifting and shearing shaft; modular design of components, easy replacement; no tailing and defoaming; multiple injection methods such as continuous injection with point injection.

technical parameter:

Product parameters
Cake grouting machine
Voltage power Stand-alone 220V 50Hz 4.2KW
control method Touch screen + PLC + servo
weight 400kg
Equipment size L1900mm * W1530mm * H1500mm
Production capacity Cup cake: 8000 pieces / h, full-page cake: 400 plates / h