Automatic stuffing machine

Automatic stuffing machine

Product Details

Mooncake maker Hefei Sanle R & D and production of automatic filling and molding machine

product description:

The model consists of a stuffing machine, a pie-type pneumatic forming machine, and an automatic tray arrangement machine. It is used for the production of Cantonese moon cakes, pumpkin cakes, mochi, wife cakes, crystal fruit and other stuffed foods and stuffed foods. It has rich functions and is widely used.

technical parameter:

Product parameters
Automatic stuffing forming unit
product weight 30-180g / piece
Production capacity 1200-5000 / hour
power 3.1kw
Machine weight About 800kg
Machine size 4700 * 1700 * 1520mm


SLBX series multi-functional automatic filling and forming machine: used for packaging and forming of single filling and filling products such as mochi, wife cake, moon cake, pumpkin cake, crystal fruit, fish ball, Fuzhou ball, etc. Double twisted dragon feed, vane pump, booster screw feed, shear forming, PLC and touch screen memory function.


SLKS Separate Cutting Table: This machine is suitable for the segmentation and division of French bread, silk rolls, bread, brushed bread, toast, caterpillars, crispy crisps, knife-cut buns and other products.


SLP-188 Full-Automatic Arrangement Machine: This machine is the back-end equipment for product packaging. It is suitable for automatic arrangement of moon cakes, pumpkin cakes, mochi, crisp cakes, buns and other products.