Bun machine

Bun machine

Product Details

SL-260 automatic bun machine product features: specially customized for stores, compact structure, small footprint, simple operation and convenient maintenance

product weight

15-150g / piece

Production capacity

1000-6000 / hour
power 4kw
Dimensions 3200x1300x1450mm
Machine weight 460kg


There are many types of steamed buns, including steamed buns, barbecued pork buns and bean paste. But no matter what kind of buns, the method of making is the same. As long as you make good noodles, wrap the stuffing, and master the temperature of the steam, you can make delicious buns.

1. When making the buns, start stuffing after the noodles are kneaded, and put the proofing steps in the drawer. It seems that many people have turned it upside down.

2. When steaming, keep on high heat. Many people will turn it into a small fire halfway. This method is a very taboo method, because the buns will not become soft enough.

3. In addition, add some white sugar to the dough to help ferment the dough and play a fluffy role.

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