Crispy moon cake multi-function unit

Crispy moon cake multi-function unit

Product Details

Mooncake maker Hefei Sanle produces - QS shortening mooncake multi-function unit Product features:

1. The equipment has stable performance, with synchronous speed regulation function, and simple operation;

2. Modular design, replacement configuration, diversified production;

3. After rolling by the rolling roller, the cake crust has good crispness and the dough is smooth and elastic.

Application: Su-style moon cakes, Jinhua shortbread cakes, soft crispy cakes, Huangshan biscuits, wife cakes, pies, buns, etc .;

Production capacity 1000 ~ 6000pcs / hour
power 3.0kw

Wheel width

80-280mm can be customized

Machine weight 600kg
Dimensions 4250 × 1300 × 1600mm


There is a kind of colorful buns. The color of the bun skin cleverly borrows the colors of some plants, such as pumpkin yellow, purple rice purple, spinach green, etc. Shortbread moon cake multi-function unit manufacturers have some methods for making colorful bun skins for your reference.

1. Pumpkin cooking, carrot, spinach juice, purple rice boiling water.

2. Carrot juice, spinach juice, pumpkin and black rice water. They are used for dough and dough.

3. Cut the dough into small pieces.

4. Flatten the small tablets and roll them.

5. Mix soy sauce, chicken essence and salt together, add three precious onions, ginger and garlic.

6. Put the curly buns into the meat filling to make embryos.

7. Let the steamed bun seeds wake up a little, then steam them in the pot.